Rock Creek Metal Craft makes 75 different metal craft sculptures in the occupational category. Like to by a gift for a friend or relative that mirrors their occupation? We make everything from Plumber to Obstetrician, Roofer, The Boss….man or lady, Fireman, Computer Nut, Teacher, Soldier, Lineman, Teacher, Real Estate Agent……man or lady, Judge, lawyer, Accountant, Roofer, Veterinarian, You name the occupation…..we probably have it. All of our occupational metal sculptures are individually hand crafted, hand welded using copper coated brazing rod, sheet metal, various steel nuts, bolts, screws, etc; and mounted on a steel base resulting in a high quality, rugged yet affordable gift. The Occupational Metal Figurines are generally about 4” to 5” tall and/or long.

Like all Rock Creek Metal Craft, the Occupational Metal Figurines are 100% made in made in America by Americans.

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