Hand Crafted Metal Figurines by Rock Creek Metal Craft

Hand crafted, hand welded, high quality, Made in America metal sculptures. Everything from Aircraft, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Helicopters, Trains, Equipment and motorcycles. All of our metal figurines are handcrafted in Idaho's Magic Valley. Please take a look around and we hope you will come back often.

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A little about our history and what we do . . .

The first piece of Metal Craft ever made by Rock Creek Metal Craft was a metal figurine of a mouse on skis. Dad hand welded that little metal sculpture made out of scrap metal laying around the shop and Mom took it to a local gift shop and Rock Creek Metal Craft was born. Five years later Rock Creek Metal Craft was selling hand crafted metal figurines in every state in the US. What started out as a metal figurine of a mouse is now over 500 hand crafted metal sculptures. These little metal sculptures have hit a niche in the market, ie; “reasonably priced high quality hand crafted, hand welded metal gifts, made in America.”
Established in 1969 by Jack and Rae Nuckols and has been family owned and operated ever since. 

  • Rock Creek Metal Craft makes 52 different Aircraft Metal Figurines
  • 46 different hand welded Metal Craft Animals


  • 15 different Hand Crafted Bikes and Motorcycle Metal Sculptures
  • 9 different styles of Metal Figurines Boats And Music metal sculptures!

We hand craft 88 different music related metal figurines, 56 different aircraft metal sculptures, 76 occupational sculptures . . . Well, you get the idea . . . Just click on whatever Category that perks your interest, or consider a friend who would appreciate a hand crafted, hand welded, high quality, Made in America, Metal Sculptures. Rock Creek Metal Craft makes metal sculptures out of nuts & bolts, washers, screws, cotter keys, sheet metal, nails, wire and spark plugs. Yep, we recycle a lot of spark plugs. Dad first hand welded a spark plug sculpture into a bi-wing plane, using the spark plug as the fuselage & it was a big hit. Now we make spark plug sculptures with all or part of a re-cycled spark plugs. Everything from Aircraft, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Helicopters, Trains, Equipment and motorcycles all use a used plug to create a spark plug sculpture.