Rock Creek Metal Craft makes 52 Handcrafted, Hand Welded Aircraft Sculptures.
Many are welded with re-cycled spark plugs. Metal Figurines include early Bi-wing planes, Blimps, Air Balloons, Ski Planes, Pontoon Planes, Low Wing & High Wing Airplanes, Large & Small Helicopters, an Attack Helicopter with engines made from re-cycled spark plugs. Balanced Aircraft that appear to fly in a circle making great conversation pieces for the home or office. Jet Fighters & Bombers & on into the future with Rockets, Spaceships & Star Wars Spacecraft. We even make a Glider. These rugged Aircraft Figurines make a great gift that will last for many years. Designed to inspire children and bring back memories for men & women who have an interest in Aircraft or memories of flying. Every Hand Crafted, Hand Welded Aircraft or Spacecraft Metal Figurine is 100% made in America by Americans

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