Rock Creek Metal Craft makes 46 different Metal Figurines depicting animals. All animal Metal Figurines are Hand crafted, Hand Welded with nuts, bolts, brazing rod, sheet metal, washers, nails and cotter keys. These Metal Craft creations include: Deer, Moose, two Donkeys, Texas Longhorn, Pig & Flying Pig….entitled, “When Pigs Fly”, Big Horn Ram, Dolphin, two cows….one with “milk man”, Horse, Crab, two Dragons, two Alligators, three Cats, Mouse, three Dogs, Pelican, Penguin, Bumble Bee, four Owls, Frog & Singing Frog, Rabbit, Squirrel, Turkey, Dragon Fly on a refrigerator magnet, Butterfly on Cattails, Washer Butterfly, Mosquito, four Turtles and a Snail.

Our rugged Handcrafted Metal Figurines are 100% Made in America by Americans. These Hand Welded Metal Craft pieces are built to last and make ideal gifts for children as well as conversation pieces that will fascinate those of all ages.

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