Music Figurines is Rock Creek Metal Crafts biggest category! We make 82 different music and musically related metal sculptures. For example: there are 10 different types of handcrafted drums. Over 20 hand crafted brass instruments being played by our stick figures, (average 4”-5” tall). We handcraft a treble clef, (7.5” tall), which can be attached to a metal crafted business card holder. A music note metal sculpture designed for wall décor. An up right piano and a grand piano, (very popular metal figurine), as well as key board player an organ player and even a Xylophone, (all hand welded). Rock Creek Metal Craft makes metal figurines of singers & dancers and even a singing frog. We create several handcrafted guitars including a classical guitar, electric guitars and even a guitar nut all in miniature metal sculptures and many other stringed instruments.

All 82 music figurines make high quality, hand crafted, hand welded affordable metal gifts.

All 82 music metal sculptures as well as over 400 other metal crafted, metal figurines are built to last right here in Magic Valley, Idaho, USA.

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